Vania Arriola

Senior, TEDxCSULB Curator, Communication Studies Major

She looks forward to being able to be a part of an event that is so widely recognized and valued. She hopes TEDxCSULB will touch the hearts and minds of all, especially those here in the Long Beach community.

In her free time she enjoys listening to K-Pop, watching anime and spending time with her family.


Christopher Forestiere

Senior, TEDxCSULB Director of Operations & Logistics, History Major

While studying history, Chris has learned that truth is a precious thing, yet perceptions of what is actually true can be used to manipulate others. Due to this, he fully endorses the idea of “Navigating Truth” and hopes that this conference can educate and inspire all who participate.

Outside of TEDxCSULB, Chris is the president of the CSULB History Students Association, is conducting research for his senior thesis, and enjoys playing the guitar.


Alysha Robinson

Junior, TedxCSULB Director of Finance & Sponsorship, English Composition and Rhetoric Major

Alysha is excited to be apart of an event that spreads new ideas and new ways of thinking, because she is constantly wanting to learn and think differently. Her hope is that people walk out of the event with a new mindset or something new to think, talk about and consider.

In her free time she enjoys reading and planning other social justice events on the CSULB campus.

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Kyle Neilson

Senior, TEDxCSULB Director of Marketing & Communications, Business Management Major

Kyle is dedicated to the TEDx mission of inclusion and service to the community. To him, TEDx is all about providing a stage for the most innovative and impactful ideas in world.

A devoted music junkie, you’re most likely to find him in a record store or searching for concert tickets.


Annika Brandes

Junior, Social Media Manager for TEDxCSULB, Communication Studies Major

Annika is a Communication Studies major with two minors in Korean and Journalism. She’s looking forward to learning more about herself, her fellow coordinators, and the world.

In her free time, she loves playing with her dog, making playlists, watching anime, and catching up with her friends.


Dejah Rodriguez

Junior, TEDxCSULB Webmaster, Communication Studies Major

Dejah is a Communication Studies major with a minor in Public Relations. She looks forward to “Navigating Truth” and sharing “ideas worth spreading” across the TEDx community.

When she's not pondering the depths of existential angst, you can find her keeping it wheel on the roller derby track, cutting a rug while swing dancing, and watching anime with critical flair that makes her want to put her arms in the air like she really cares.


Katie Serrano

Junior, TEDxCSULB Graphic Designer, Graphic Design Major

Katie is excited to be a part of the TEDx team and looks forward to the opportunity of visually capturing the innovative ideas and community oriented thinking that TEDx embodies. As an avid TED Talk watcher, she is excited to represent a team that helps create an event that fosters open minded thinking and new perspective.

In her free time you can find Katie crafting, singing, designing, and exploring new places.


Everett Barton

Junior, TEDxCSULB Photographer, Film Major and Marketing Minor

Everett is looking forward to visually capturing the theme of “Navigating Truth” for this year’s TEDxCSULB event and exploring the various perspectives of the speakers.

In his free time, Everett enjoys making and watching movies, working on music, and exploring the outdoors.