Student Communication Association

Student Communication Association provides ethical leadership in presenting a cohesive course of action to advance academic, social and professional objectives. Instills a desire for self-improvement along with a long-term sense of connection and dedication to the Department of Communication Studies at CSULB. SCA provides students of the Department of Communication Studies with sufficient knowledge of the requirements for completion of the undergraduate degree, as well as provides students with the necessary skills to market their degrees for future job opportunities.

Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach

Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach collaborative works to reduce health disparities and improve community health through systemic changes fueled by adult and youth resident engagement, collaboration and resource sharing, and strategic communication about community needs and solutions.


The Office of Sustainability is the university representative of sustainable initiatives on campus. The office works with students, staff, and faculty to ensure the campus operates sustainably and focus on using best practices and transparency throughout each sustainability project. Some key priority focus include: water conservation, clean energy efforts, sustainability curriculum, and Zero Waste.


Foremost experts on plastic pollution with over 20-years of experience working to understand and solve the problem. The organization was the first to expose the severity of plastic in our ocean and as leaders in the movement to end plastic pollution, they equip local and global influencers with the knowledge and resources needed to ignite true change in behavior, habits, policy, and beyond.

Sam Medeiros

Sam Medeiros is part of CSULB’s Sculpture program and is currently in his last semester of his B.F.A undergraduate. Most of his time has been spent in personal interest learning practical building/fabrication methods focused in fine art practices. After graduation, the attention is set on possible residencies or apprenticeships focused primarily in wood or metal mixed with some digital elements.

Theta Tau

Zeta Theta Tau is a team of California State University, Long Beach students pursuing a career in engineering. The organization upholds the pillars of Brotherhood, Leadership, and Engineering as they carry out their mission as a group, from being involved in community service to carrying out projects of their own.

Student Dietetic Association

The CSULB Student Dietetic Association provides a framework for student and faculty involvement on campus and in the community with professional activities and community outreach events. The club promotes interest and opportunity in the profession of dietetics and food administration, providing students with an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the dietetic profession through nutrition related activities such as guest speakers and volunteerism within the dietetic community.

Rae Rivera and Jario Maldonado

Rae Jillian Rivera is a third year undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering Technology and is a Research Fellow under the RISE program (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement). Jairo Maldonado is a third year undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering and is a Research Scholar under the BUILD program (Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity). Rae and Jairo are developing a low-cost device to improve the rehabilitation of individuals with lower-limb amputations to prevent further falling and injuries.

School of Maker Society

The School of Art Maker Society is a peer led organization that encourages a collaborative spirit among peers who share similar and different interests and skills. The organization aims to provide a space that allows members to come up with ideas that they can team up with others to execute, thereby helping build connections, new skills and a sense of innovation.

Experimental Sounding Rocket Association

The Long Beach ESRA team works year round to develop and build a solid fuel Sounding rocket to launch in the International Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC). Students work together along with applying engineering discipline knowledge to construct reliable and robust systems for our launch vehicle to succeed in the competition.

Kiyomi Fukui

Kiyomi Fukui is a Japanese-American artist who lives and works in Long Beach, CA. Recent exhibitions include Poetics of Relation, DAC Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Thread, El Camino Art Gallery, Torrance, CA; and Bloom Polylogue, Gallery 211, Santa Ana, CA. She received an MFA in Printmaking from California State University Long Beach and a BFA in Graphic Design from La Sierra University. In addition to producing print-based artwork, Kiyomi also practices participatory performance and fiber arts, such as tatting and crocheting. At the core of her practice is an attempt to capture transient intimacy, irrespective of media.

Alicia Keyworth

Alicia is currently in her last year of her BFA in the Fiber Arts Program. Keyworth is hoping to get credentials to become an art teacher in the near future. She has also expressed concern with growing consumption and waste of material goods. Through her exhibit, she hopes to inspire people to create alternatives to the increased amount of waste produced from such small goods.

LB Maker Society

Long Beach Maker Society strives to create an environment where originality is essential. The organization’s purpose is to organize and support projects that foster collaboration among members. Their mission is to enhance the creative potential of individuals to help them become innovative thinkers for the future. Main goals focus on engineering, design, art, making and leadership.

Timothy Robert Smith

Timothy Robert Smith is an LA-born oil painter and muralist, using observation techniques in a new style he calls "Multi-Dimensionalism." His work investigates the nature of reality, with multiple perspectives fused together into one cinematic frame. He is currently working on an interactive installation at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, combining painted walls, sculpted figures, lights, sounds, and video projections. Timothy has had solo shows at Copro Gallery in Bergamot Station, and interviews in several art magazines, including Juxtapoz. He also teaches at Laguna College of Art and Design, CSU Long Beach, CSU Los Angeles and Saddleback College.


Prototype is a multidisciplinary organization where students come together to celebrate innovation and entrepreneurship.