For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Alysha RobinsoN

Director of Finances and Sponsorship:

Sponsor Info

Events of this magnitude would not be possible without the generous contributions of businesses like yours. We are currently searching for sponsorships and donations to ensure the success of our event.

Your charitable, tax-deductible gift-in-kind donations will be given to members of our audience, while monetary sponsorship will be used to cover unmet conference costs.

Additionally, to express our gratitude, all supporting businesses will be recognized by our organization and event through the benefits.

Sponsor Benefits

For our event, we are searching for two types of sponsors: monetary and gift-in-kind donors.

A gift-in-kind donation will be part of our gift bag that is given to each of our speakers, audience and staff members. As attendees use or consume your product, your business will have a large presence on our campus, and our attendees will effectually advertise your brand.

Monetary donors, on the other hand, will have their logo, and information about your business on various mediums so attendees can be aware of the businesses that made the conference possible. 

Please note that you are free to change your method of contribution, regardless of whether your business has been contacted for a specific type of sponsorship.